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All those customs

My first big electronic purchase from aboard finally reached my hands yesterday.

It’s a bit of panic buy actually, because the item doesn’t show up often. Even in eBay there’s nobody putting it on sale for some time. The price is also good enough, under 10k¥.

But after this shipment, I’d remind myself every time I’d like to import sensitive stuffs (such as electronics), always choose the proxy that will take care of the customs.

They put tax higher than the cost of the item itself. Okay, so they look for the price from internet. Even then, the cost of new item is 30k. What they put on me is about 49k. More ridiculously, a staff said he had reduced it to 70%. I truly question what item he got the price from… an M8/9 ?

Time lumped together

So I’m having that question: Oh why ?

There’s a lot of time in this world, the problem with it is that they’re not evenly distributed across the line, just like bus in Jakarta. When you have free time, that’s when there’s no interesting events at all. Then when they came, the time conflicted with one another it’s impossible to visit every one of them.

On March, there’s two events on different places. One is the toys fair in Balai Kartini, probably going to have an offline meet.

The other one is the routine computer sales events. First one of the year (March) coincides with the camera show too (sales, not marketing; sad really). It’s not like I really want to go to the show on weekend, but probably there will be another offline meet too here. *sigh*

Well, going to make it, somehow. I just need to make sure I get out of home early enough to keep the spirit high.


During the flood disaster, I think I found another snack to kill time. No, no cooking needed actually, so it’s really simple although the taste is nothing special either.

There’s a leftover jar of mustard in the fridge, so I mix it with honey and mayonaisse and then use it as spreads for bread. The taste is not bad and I keep making another to be eaten with the leftover breads, as well as attempting to use up all the leftover mustard.

By the way, the mustard has been forgotten for long time in the deepest part of the fridge so it’s well pass the expiry date. But it still looks harmless, so won’t hurt to try, right ?


The girl

Last time I said about getting a figure… well, she arrived last week. (^-^)

Here she is, hugging Kagerou Days cellphone accessories from Comics Alive magazine

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Got bit by the bug

So yeah, the anime got me and I’m in the progress of asking a proxy service about the price to buy the figure from Japan. Well, I don’t know much about how the local reseller’s price and the forum where they’re hanging out, but hopefully the price will be cheaper. If my prediction is right, I’d still manage the customs tax.

What is it ? Ah, It’s Busou Shinki action figure. Well, other than collection, could open way to more posable toy photo because so far I’m only taking picture of new bonus figure I got from magazine.

The plan for my first one is probably Dengeki Hobby’s Eukrante. Kind of contemplating between her and the normal version actually. But first choice would be her as I like her depiction in the anime. Looks like the best as companion (next is Zelnograd).

Next in line but with low priority, knowing their price…

  • Zelnograd, loved the character personality.
  • Mary Celes, if anything it’s for the tentacle and that cheerful face plate that I’d describe as “let’s blow the world just because”.
  • Howling, with the main reason because Blade’s design reminds me of a certain ero mangaka.
  • Vesperio
  • Partio
  • Proxima

Mandrake, but not selling any doujinshi

There’s a small religious store in a mall near my home. At first, I thought it’s a Christian religious store, you know, that kind that sell religious themed objects like cross, books, accessories, songs, etc. Actually the first thing that make me interested is the promotion for one of their merchandise.

It’s the model for the Ark of Covenant which at time I thought “aren’t you not supposed to look at that thing if you’re not a Levites” ?

Anyway, on several times passing by, it seems like the store is not really a Christian oriented store. The store’s name “dudaim” is Jews and the accessories sold looks more Jews than Christian, this includes ornaments such as horns, miniature of Jerusalem and the Temple. There’s also books with Hebrew texts.
In the other hand, I can’t find any Jesus-themed items in their stock, which is too unlikely for a Christian store, right ?

Not really attacking them… just curious to think that there’s actually a market for it here in Indonesia because Jews is not a publicly accepted religion especially by the majority.

How 4sq saved my phone

A story from last Saturday in the bus. When I came up, someone grabbed my trousers to get attention. The idea is to show the victim he’s about to get his fallen cigarette on the bus floor.

Next thing, my MP3 player I kept in my pocket is lost… well, almost. He probably thought it’s just a no-name Chinese MP3 player (Microsoft Zune HD actually, not sold here) and leave it to someone else (or maybe an accomplish) to return to me.

The main target is probably my phone, which is in my grip. Why ? Well, I’m in the middle of checking in after arriving to the train station when the bus arrived, so I had to hurry. So in a way… Foursquare saved my phone (^-^;



Last Friday (yes, Traffic Jam the Terrible that day) when walking around Melawai, a slight smell bring back memory of my junior high school day. Food smell.

I used to go to a cram school (well, many peoples do) and next door is a small private owned restaurant. It’s not part of a chain, nor is it a very delicious place. Most of the income is probably coming from students of the cram school going there for lunch. Either way, it’s that local eating place that you got used to for being regular customer.

The menu itself is standard, not something you can’t find elsewhere. There’s not much variation of menu either, just several ala carte menu and two packaged box menu.

It’s been gone for more than 10 years now, but just a slight smell can bring back that nostalgic feeling. Isn’t it a wonder

Mentally tired

Apparently I’m having moments of mentally very tired now because of the events yesterday.

I’m sure I’ve made walks a lot longer than yesterday, non-stop. In fact the biggest portion of yesterday’s time wasting seems to be waiting in queue for 1000+ pictures from the Depok coty government’s event’s documentation and other documentation pictures before the studio will handle ours. Moreover, probably because of the high load, our result are not good. I had stains across the negative and with weird colours on the edges. The scanner made lines on the surface too.

Then I miscalculated, taking taxi through Pasar Minggu while I could’ve reached the destination with half the price if I go to Ragunan first.

Then, since I’m buying a new camera upgrade, my bank account is looking rather sad currently. I think this contribute the most to the feeling of fatigue and I really want to get an afternoon sleep right here and right now. -_-


Can't see ahead

Yeah, no pics = hoax so take it as you like. The biggest disappointment is probably because I don’t bring my digicam with me (had half roll of ColorPlus loaded though).

Saw a stray cat this morning biting a black plastic bag, probably with leftover food inside. The problem is, the bag is bigger than its head and blocked it’s front view. Thanks to that, the cat have to constantly turn its head left and right to give each eyes a view of what’s ahead before proceeding forward.