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The girl

Last time I said about getting a figure… well, she arrived last week. (^-^)

Here she is, hugging Kagerou Days cellphone accessories from Comics Alive magazine

This is the Dengeki Hobby Magazine special recoloured version, so the packaging used cardboard box with monochrome illustration instead of the more colourful packaging of the normal edition. I like it for the more gritty feel. IINM, they had six Dengeki version, the only other one I like is the white Ach.

Impression about my first action figure… the joints are quite stiff, and when making pose I often worried if I’d put too much force and break it. Well, she cost me a hefty price so I don’t want anything breaking.

The armour part is… a love and hate situation perhaps. The 5th wave, is modelled after mythical creature. This one, Eukrante, is modelled after Siren which is part maiden and bird. Yes, those wings are huge. Not as huge as PG Wing Zero custom, but still take up space and heavy to balance for those not used to it. I ended up leaving the whole armours in the bird mode most of the time.
By the way, her sister model, Ianeira, is modelled after mermaid. Don’t really like that one because the breast is too big and I would have to explain even more to the peoples in my house after all those bonus figure from Dragon Age magazine.

Anyway, my room gather dust very fast so I think I’ll need a better box to keep my stuffs or else they’d be damaged (not directly by the dust, mind you).

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